Concussion in Rugby: Is Rugby Safe for Kids?

 Rugby is a physically challenging game. You need to be physically fit and have enough strength. There is an injury risk in playing rugby. A concussion is one of the significant injuries that most players face.

Rugby Playing by Kids

Will will cover everything regarding the concussion in rugby. This write-up will also tell you whether rugby is safe for kids.


Concussion in Rugby

A concussion is a type of injury that affects the brain. In a rugby match, lots of players face concussion injuries.

When your brain gets shocked and stops working for a while, it is called a concussion.

Sometimes players get sudden and direct hits to their heads or a blow. But you won't get unconscious. It's a myth.

If you face a concussion injury, you should see a doctor. It might create a long-term effect on your brain if you ignore it.

It is advised to rest for 21 days if you face a concussion injury.

Why are people worried about concussions?

Former 200 rugby players claimed that concussion sometimes creates permanent brain damage. Therefore, they are taking legal action against the organizations to stop such incidents and change the rules.

People are worried about a concussion. Because it creates serious injury to the brain, that's why the former players take legal action. But if you take the doctor's advice and take medicine, there is nothing to worry about. 

Is rugby safe for kids?

Every sport has some injury issues. The same goes for rugby as well. You cannot stop your kids from playing games or practicing cricket, football, or other types of sports. Therefore, rugby is also an excellent sport for kids. You kids will get some benefits from playing rugby.

You might wonder if your kids can play rugby and it is safe. Though we know it is a physically challenging game, kids can increase their physical and mental strength skills by playing rugby.

Your kid is not playing with a big and tall guy. Instead, they are playing with friends. There will be no severe concern if you allow them for other types of sports.


How can your kids start rugby?

You should allow your kids to play Touch 7s. It's an excellent game that will help your kids get the right skills to play rugby union. Your kids will learn the basic rules and inline movement from that kind of game. It would be best if you tried to find some lighter versions of rugby games. And then let your kids start playing.

Rugby union is an adult game. It requires physical strength. If you allow your kids to play a lighter version of rugby union, it will help them get an excellent physical shape and sound mind.

Besides, you might find rugby clubs in your locality. If your kids love rugby, they can learn from there as well. Most of the Australian kids get admitted to the rugby club and know everything.



Rugby is a safe game for the kids. Kids will love to play such an exciting play. However, you should take care of them if they face any concussion injury. Never neglect such injuries if you get any while playing rugby.