What are The Basic Rules of Rugby?

 As a game, Rugby has some unique rules. Both the players and spectators should know the basic rules of Rugby. They will help to understand the game better. You need to know the rules to understand everything.

That's why we are going to explain all the rugby rules in this write-up. It will be excellent writing indeed. In the end, you will start enjoying the rugby match. Let's get started.

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Basic Rules of Rugby

To understand the rugby match, you need to kn
ow some basic rules of the game. It will make things easier for you. This section will be on that. Let's get started.



It is an 80 minutes game. But there are halves of 40 minutes. Between the hales, players get 10 minutes of rest time. That helps them to get the energy and have some drinks as well.


Number of Players: Each team consists of 15 players. Eight will be on the tight scrum, and the others will be all around the field. In addition, a team can substitute seven players in a match. These players will be in the waiting position.


Field Area: 

Rugby field can be 100 meters long and 70 meters wide at best. And there should be a 10 meters dead ball area. Besides, the H shaped goal should be 6 meters wide, and there is no restricted length for it.


Field Markings:  

There must be some field markings. Halfway line comes first. Then there should be a 5-meter line, 22-meter line and 10-meter line. After having a penalty or goal, the centre spot is the line where the game will start again.


Referee & Judges: 

The rugby game has one referee who controls the entire match, ensures the order, and keeps notice of the time. He makes all the decisions.

But the referee needs two touch judges. They will observe the players movement. Touch judges will inform the referee if any player touches the boundaries or goes off the lines.

Game Pause: 

When players foul and the ball goes out of play, or a goal is scored, the referee stops the game for a while. After that, the game will start again from the parking spot.


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How to tackle:

 Rugby games have tackle rules as well. Players need to defend their opposite. In that case, you cannot go over the shoulder. Instead, you need to try to hold that player and pull them toward the floors.

You have to be careful; if you make any mistake, the referee will give a foul. Your team might lose points. Do you know when Rugby was invented?

Offside rules: 

In a rugby game, the attacking player must hold the ball in arms and never make the mistake of having the ball behind. If the ball goes behind you, the referee will call the offside. You need to be careful while running.


Win the game: 

To win the rugby game, you need to score more than your opponent in a given 80 minutes.



You will get points in a rugby game in 4 different ways. Try, Conversion, Penalty Kick, and drop goal are the scoring methods. You can earn up to 5 points through them.


Final Thoughts

To play better Rugby, you must keep those rules in your mind. It might not seem easy. But when you practice Rugby regularly, you will find the basic rules of Rugby a piece of cake. Keep on playing and learning the rules of Rugby.