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Question: What kind of site is desk2blog.com, or can I contribute guest posts?

Answer: The des2blog.com site provides high-quality articles about technology-related. We recommend highly on our website Domain & Hosting related posts. If you are highly interested in posting your article on our blog, kindly visit our Guest Post page.

Question: How was this domain name chosen?

Answer: desk from blogging, I like most to select this domain name, or the idea was generated in my mind in 2013. Desk means a table, 2 means to & blog means blogging. So whole means that I can write a post to publish a blogging article in front of the desk.

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Question: What is the purpose of this blog?

Answer: Usually, we want to help readers with this site through domain hosting and WordPress-related posts.

Question: who is the author of this blog?

Answer: The author of this blog is named Readoy Kumar Das. He is the owner of this blog. He loves to write about blogging about technology-related posts. He also loves to travel around the world.

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Question: Can I report an article?

Answer: Yes, you can report an article by visiting our complaint article page. There are completed guidelines on reporting an article on that page. If you think it is copyrighted, misused, or illegal content, you can inform us.

Question: Can I sign up for this blog?

Answer: Yes, but currently, we are not approving any new users. Because there is a massive amount of spam signing up right now. So we are decided to register your account on our blog via E-mail. If you don't have an account, sign in to our blog by visiting Guest Post Page. Kindly request an e-mail to create an account for free. We will send you login information on our site as a contributor.

Question: Can I use articles in your blog?

Answer: The answer is no. We aren't permitted to use our website's articles in blogs, magazines, or newspaper sites. We may complain at DMCA against that website that uses our articles to republish our content illegally. Please, read out our Privacy Policy page carefully.

Question: what is the source of income for this site?

Answer: We are currently running Google AdSense ads on our blog. This is the primary source of income on this blog site. 

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