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Welcome to the desk2blog Guest posting page. Before publishing a guest on the D2B site, you must read the guidance of the terms & conditions. Here are some hints about writing a post on our site. We are now approving guest posts only on the below-related article's topic, which must be -

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Condition of Guest Posting on Desk2Blog

  • Your article must be copyright and plagiarism-free; otherwise, we can't publish your post on our website.
  • You must combine to include in your article bullets list, Numbering list, or add Multilevel list.
  • Add subheadings between 300 per word and features image (Add more if needed in your article).
  • Submitting an article should be 1000 words or more unless we approve your article.
  • To submit an article, you'll get a do-follow backlink from us. Which is very important for ranking in various search engines.
  • We do not permit promotion links (Like Affiliate Links) in the article's contents. You will get only one backlink for this post in the Author Box.
  • We will allow your one link, DoFollow Backlink, to post on our blog site.
  • Do not spin or rewrite any prohibited article or break our rules.
  • Already indexed content in different search engines will not be published and rejected. We highly care about this matter.
  • Your article must add subheading tags like <h3> or <h4> in the body. No need to add <h1> <h2> in the text of your content, those tags are usually title tags.

To get ideas of what kinds of posts we publish on our blog, kindly read all posts. After watching this, you will get enough information about which article you can publish here. 

FAQs: For general questions, visit our FAQ page to answer our site.

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