What are the differences between rugby union and sevens?

 Rugby union and rugby seven both are part of rugby. Most of the rules are similar. Still, there are some significant differences between these two. Now, we are going to explain the dissimilarity and clear out everything before you. You will know what the differences between rugby union and sevens are.

rugby union and sevens

Rugby Union

Rugby union is a close-contact team sport that was invented in England. Rugby union games require 15 players in each team and an oval-shaped ball along with a field called a pitch. We all know the rugby union as a typical rugby game.


Rugby Sevens

Rugby has two categories. One is the rugby union that we described before; another one is rugby seven. Here each team consists of 7 players. But the field and ball remain the same as the rugby union match. In Rio Olympics 2016, Rugby Sevens was introduced and started its official journey from there.


Difference between Rugby Union and Rugby Sevens

Rugby union and seven don't have day-night differences. Yet, there are some essential things to consider. Therefore, we are here to explain all the differences between rugby union and rugby seven. Keep on reading and clearing out your queries.


Playing Difference

First thing first, the difference in the play comes in. You will find the first difference here. Rugby union needs 15 players for every team. Whereas rugby seven requires only 7 players. This is the big difference between these two.

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Moreover, in seven, scrums are made with three players. But in rugby union, 8 players are needed for the same. On the other hand, rugby union doesn't have enough space for running. Players don't get the chance to use the entire field as there are 30 players in a single pitch at a time. In that case, Rugby Seven can use the whole pitch ideally. Players get enough space, and they need quality skills to perform here.

Different Rules

The crucial rule change between the rugby union and the seven is time. Usually, a rugby union or rugby match is an 80 minutes game. There are two halves. Each half is 40 minutes long, and players get 10 minutes of rest time.

But rugby seven is a 14 minutes game; the two halves last for 7 minutes each. Therefore, time is the major difference between these two rugby games.


The difference in Set Pieces

Set pieces and penalties are different in rugby union and rugby seven. In union, penalties are taken like place kicks. But in rugby seven, penalty kicks become drop goals.

Another significant difference comes in the scrum. In union, there are eight forwards, whereas the seven have only three forwards. In that case, you will face fewer stoppages in seven rugby matches than in the union rugby match.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have shown you all the differences between rugby union and rugby seven. If you read them, you will get all the information regarding them. As a beginner, you need to remember them to play better rugby in both Union and Seven.