15 Positions in Rugby Union Explained for Beginners

 In a rugby match, you will find 15 players in each team. They all have different positions in the game. Therefore, there are 15 different positions in rugby. Today we will explain these 15 positions in this single write-up. Beginners will find it helpful.

15 Positions in Rugby Union

15 Positions in Rugby Union

Here are the names of the 15 positions in rugby.

  1. Loose-Head Prop
  2. Hooker
  3. Tight-Head Prop
  4. Second Row
  5. Second Row
  6. Blind-Side Flanker
  7. Open-Side Flanker
  8. Number Eight
  9. Scrum-Half
  10. Fly-Half
  11. Left-Wing
  12. Inside Center
  13. Outside Center
  14. Right Wing
  15. Fullback

Loose-Head Prop & Tight-Head Prop

In a rugby match, you will find a front row. It is the backbone of a team. All the big guys play a role here. They make sure the scrum is not going backwards and control the ball by their teammates. Loose-Head Prop is a cornerstone. He tries to isolate himself where the tighthead prop. These two players complement each other.


Hooker is the middle position of the front row. He needs to hook the ball back with his foot. He plays the forward rules here. Hooker position number is 9. Usually, he wears a 9 number jersey. Moreover, he throws the ball and plays a vital role here.


Lock or The Second Row (4&5)

The second row is also known as the lock. It works as an engine room. Two tall and powerful guys dominate here. The scrummage and try to make the best use of every chance. The second row consists of these guys. If they make any mistake, the opposite forward will steal the position.


Flankers (6&7)

If you want to know about the least responsible position in rugby, flankers will be there. But you need to be tall and have all the required skills like running, tackling, passing, and others. Though the flankers don't blame losing a match, they play crucial roles in winning the game.


Number Eight

This is the challenging and reliable position of a rugby match. Tackling and ball-carrying are the two responsibilities for the number eight. Also, they play the role of flanker. Two flankers and the number eight together make the backline of a rugby match.



To build an attack, Scrum-Half plays a critical role. He stands behind the forwards and helps to make an effective attack that can earn points and helps to win the match as well.

As a scrum-half, you need to have speed and awareness. They will help you to make a great attack.


Fly Half

In position 10, fly-half comes in. It is the most influential place of the rugby match. Scrum-half can build the attack, but fly-half will decide when to pass the ball and start attacking.


Right-Wing & Left Wing (11&14)

These two positions of the rugby game play a broad role here. They play from both wings and finish the attack at a time. They make the grand success of the attack.


12 & 13 Center Positions

Center points have two roles. It has outer and inside positions. The inside centre always works with the fly-half at the time the backs line up. They also help in attacking. They tend to run and follow the direct lines as well.


15th Position Fullback

This is the backup position. Rugby games have the defensive position, which is the 15 number. He will bear all the responsibility and back up the opposite attacks too.


Final Verdict

These 15 positions are the main factors of a rugby match. If you read the article, you are good to go. Now you know everything about a rugby game.