How Does The Rugby Point System Work?

 There are four ways to score in rugby. They are:

  1. Try
  2. Conversion
  3. Penalty Kick
  4. Bonus Point

But you should know how the rugby point system works. In this regard, we are going to explain all four ways in detail. It will help you to enjoy watching a rugby game or playing a rugby game as well. Let's get started. Did you know that when or history rugby was invented? 

How rugby point system works


When you want to score in a rugby match, it would be your best way to do so. Try is worth 5 points. If you can make a Try, you will give your team 5 points. It's the standard way to score in rugby matches.

But the question is how to do a try in rugby? Basically, you need to cross the goal line or the goalpost pressuring the rugby ball downwards. In the goal area, you need to ground the ball perfectly. Only then you will get 5 points that will contribute to your team winning the match.

However, there are two ways to make a Try. They are:

     If you hold the ball with two arms or a single arm and touch the goal line, you will get the Try.

     You need to pressure the rugby ball if it's already in the goal area or the ground.


The most interesting scoring system of rugby is conversion. You will get 2 points if you complete a conversion maintaining the rules.

When you get a TRY, you can take a conversion kick from any point of the playline. But the condition is to land the ball where you get your Try or the same parallel line. Only then you will be rewarded with two extra points.

To make a successful conversion, you should try to get the Try near the goalpost. It will make things easier. You can target the goalpost and take your conversion kick.


When your opponent's teammates do any foul, you will get a penalty. You can earn 3 points if you can make a successful penalty kick.

Penalty kicks are like place kicks. You will get one minute to make a penalty. So, be sure to make your target and earn 3 points for your team.

Bonus Point System

A team can earn up to 5 bonus points in a single rugby match. In both the rugby league and tournament play, award a bonus point to the team.

Bonus points are offered to make more attacks in a game. When a team scores four tries, it will get one bonus point. In this way, a team earns up to five bonus points in a rugby match.

However, if a team wins the match in the group tables, it will get four points as an award. On the other hand, if a draw happens, each team will get two points.


Rugby pointing Board

Final Thought

The Scoring system is not a complicated part of a rugby game. You can earn points in four ways. We have already talked about these pointing systems. Everyone will find it helpful, especially if you are a beginner; it will clear your confusion.