11 Things To Do If Your Website Is Down

11 things to do for site

Usually, when the website we are using is down, we make a phone call to the hosting company.  Then I make one complaint or question after another.

For example- 1. My site is down 2. Database error is showing 3. The site is not opening 4. Has your server been hacked? 5. What server do you use?  My website is down etc.

But most of the time these may not be true.  (If you take hosting service from a low-quality hosting company, you have to face these problems.) However, it is often seen that due to various minor problems, the customer cannot open his own site.  For example, when a customer uses the wrong username and password when logging in to their cPanel, and if it is repeated, the server firewall will block your IP.  As a result, you are unable to visit the site.  Or you may not be able to visit the site because of a shared IP as a result of taking shared hosting.  Because another customer may have tried to log in with this same IP.  Also, your site may not be visible due to the DNS problem of your ISP or the expiration of the domain.

Anyway, how do you make sure your site isn’t down?  Let’s find out the 5 things to do!

1.  Internet connection IP Blocked

First, disconnect your used internet connection and try again after some time.  By doing this, if your computer IP is blocked, the IP will change due to being a dynamic IP and I hope you will be able to see your site.

2.  Proxy server & ISP Connection

To find out if the website is actually down, you can check with a proxy server or other ISP connection if necessary.  Does it open your site?

For example- Is it down right now go to this site and recheck your site?  Then you can understand whether your website is up or down.

3.  Hosting Providers Maintenance Notice

Hosting companies often maintain their servers to upgrade their services and servers.  In this case, they send maintenance notices to the customer’s emails.  At the same time, they were informed about it by posting on the official social media site.  So check your email, and see if the hosting company sent any maintenance notices.  Or check the company’s official social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

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4.  Support a ticket or email to service providers

If your site still doesn’t open, post a support ticket on the hosting provider’s website or send a message to the contact email provided by them.  Call if you have a contact phone number.  But do not call or abuse at the beginning of the phone.  First, tell the hosting company’s support agents your domain name first then tell them you can’t browse your site.  Because a hosting company can have many servers and no one can say which server is down if you don’t say your domain name.  And speak the elegant language while you’re talking with them.

5.  Update Your Query

Please wait a while for details on how long it will take.  If it is too late to get the update, please reply in elegant language or ask for the update by calling the phone number given to them.

6.  The website not loading – troubleshooting and resolving error messages

Have trouble loading a website?  Don’t worry – we’re here to help you.  This article will show you how you can fix the problem and get back to browsing.

 Note: If you have a problem with a site, click the green padlock icon in the address bar to see if a specific page or whole is blocked or if that is a sign of you’re not safe with a blog.

First of all, we will find out the problem with a little research and we can find out the problem and its cause. Open a new tab and check if you can launch sites like google.com or desk2blog.com. If you can get the sites up and running, then go to the section at the bottom where the problem is only for some websites.

If you can’t launch other sites, go to the next step.

Open another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome. And try to see if the site you are having trouble opening opens here. If the site works properly in another browser, see the section entitled the problem is only in the current browser.

If the site is not running in any browser, see the section the problem is in all browsers.

The problem is only for some websites

If you see an error message like this, you may have a problem with your Browser’s cache:

  1. You can delete the browser’s cache and cookies
  2. This site can’t be reached
  3. Check if there is a typo in yoursitename.com.
  4. If the spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics.
  5. Your browser can’t find the server at www.yoursitename.com.
  6. Check the address for typing errors such as ww.example.com instead of www.example.com
  7. Check the internet connection on your computer’s network.
  8. If your connected network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that the firewall or proxy is enabled for browsing.
  9. Try again later.
  10. Check your network connection.
  11. If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that the browser has permission to access the internet.

Follow this procedure and try restarting the website you are having problems with.

Click the Library button on the library icon, click History, and select Clear Recent History. Time Range to clear: Select Everything. Select both Cookies and Cache under the drop-down menu. Click on Clear Now.

If there is no solution after deleting the cookies and cache, then it must be understood that there is a problem with the website.  In that case, you have to wait until the problem with that website is fixed.  In the case of big sites like Twitter or Facebook, you may have to wait a few minutes.

If you haven’t received a message like the error message above, check to see if your issue matches any of the specific issues below:

The website is launching but not working properly

If the website doesn’t look right or doesn’t work the way it should check out the following articles:

Websites are displayed differently than they are supposed to be. Solve the problem of not being able to see the picture. Solve potential audio and video problems. The website is showing the spinning wheel and the load is not ending

Solve login problems with websites with usernames and passwords.  You may receive an error when you try to log in to a Website using a username and password. We were unable to process your login request or An unspecified error has occurred, or will not log in.

The problem is just happening on the secure (HTTPS) website

View the web address in the location bar.  Does it start with HTTPS: // (note “s”)?  If so, see if you are receiving any error messages below.  Click on the error message to fix it:

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Solve the “Secure Connection Failed” error message

“Could not initialize the application’s security component”

The problem only happens in some specific browsers.

If it works in another web browser, one of the following solutions may work:


Websites are not loading in that browser but in other browsers – if you can see the website in a browser other than Browser. Failed to connect via the advanced version of Browser – If you have trouble connecting after updating Browser. If you receive any of the following error messages, Browser wants to connect using a proxy browser:

The proxy server is refusing connections

Unable to find

7.  See Troubleshooting and Reviewing Browser

This address is restricted – This error occurs when you try to connect to a port on a web server that has been reserved for another application.

If you are new to this topic, then you can try shared hosting, but if shared hosting will not work for your business website, I highly recommend checking this out by 14 Beginner’s Questions to Ask WordPress Hosting Provider When Choosing.

How good their hosting is to say good hosting is not the only thing to worry about, their technical support can create real trouble.  Problems can arise, but the best hosting companies are famous for providing fast support.

In the case of 3 Beginner’s Guides to How A VPS Hosting Works, we request to read it.  Just as you are serious about your business, so are we, hope this will help you.

8.  Website downTime Monitor

Don’t lose hope, there is always something good.  There are many up-time monitor tools, many of them are free and many are premium.  These tools will send you an alert as soon as your site is down.  You can easily take the next step.  The list below can help you;

  • Updown.io
  • Pingdom
  • Freshping
  • ManageWP
  • Downnotifier.com
  • Uptime
  • Uptime Robot
  • StatusCake

Suffering from site downtime and WordPress problems?  Try to learn 10 Top Differences between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting.

9.  Stay active on social media

After reading the reasons for having a website down, you must have understood that a site can be down for various reasons, many times the site may be down for some unknown reason.  When your visitor gets your site down but first of all check the social media to get any updates.

In this case, you need to be a good social media manager.  You can explain why your site is down, you can make a post about how soon your service will be back.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Another good way is to apologize to customers for unwanted downtime!  Whatever you do, I would say that if you are transparent with your customers and visitors about the downtime of your site, it will cut your problems quickly as well as keep the trust and integrity!

10.  Keep regular backups of your Files

You can be a victim of downtime even after everything is fine, it is not impossible.  So the best way is to keep a backup of your site from time to time.  There are many free plugins available for backing up WordPress sites.  You can keep regular backups of your site in Google Drive or Dropbox.

From one point of view, website downtime is inevitable.  And it is important to be prepared for this.  If you suddenly have a problem, just follow the plan, and you know the basics from this article!  If you still miss something, you can let me know by commenting below!

11.  Finally (In my opinion)

Good words are an example of a good person.  So if your website is down for any reason, try to know the whole thing.  Never speak harshly, abusively or angrily to the staff of a hosting company without knowing it.  If the server is down due to an unwanted DDoS attack, don’t call again after 5 to 6 minutes or go to live chat and ask again how long it will take for your server to be fixed. If they answer customers so often for tickets or phone calls, the work of fixing the server will be disrupted and the downtime will continue to increase.