How Much Hosting Bandwidth Should Be Taken for Website?

Bandwidth for website

Internet usage is increasing day by day. As a result, there is a huge expansion of online-based e-commerce as well as the general business-trade system. The term ‘bandwidth’ is very familiar to those who use the internet all the time. So in today’s post, we asked, “What is Hosting Bandwidth and How Much Hosting Bandwidth Should I Take?” I will discuss this topic in detail.

What is hosting bandwidth?

Bandwidth in computer technology refers to the data transfer rate per second or per unit time. Typically, this bandwidth is calculated as BPS (bits per second). In other words, the amount of data transfer per second is the amount of bandwidth.

And the hosting bandwidth is the amount of data transferred per second or every single time from a server to the computer of each user (who will browse your site).

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If your website has become very popular and thousands or millions of visitors visit the site every day. Then, in general, you will need a lot of bandwidth. In this case, if you use a small amount of bandwidth package, it will be seen that your website will be damaged in the middle of the month. So you should calculate in advance how much or how much hosting bandwidth you will take from the hosting providers in the hosting package of your choice. Let’s find out the details below.

 How much hosting bandwidth should be taken?

Typically, all domain and hosting companies provide a specific amount of bandwidth for each assigned hosting package. Such as: 30 GB Bandwidth, 60 GB Bandwidth, 120 GB Bandwidth etc.  However, the amount of bandwidth may be more or less depending on the hosting space. Now calculate the bandwidth you need for your website and buy a hosting package. Below is a calculation for your understanding. So, you can do the bandwidth calculation very easily.

cPanel Bandwidth Checking

First, log in to your hosting provider panel, go to Control Panel >> Metrics >>, and click on bandwidth.

cPanel Hosting Company Bandwidth

After that, you can check your bandwidth data to which sections are getting hit! Here is the past 24 hours' bandwidth data transaction.

Checking Usage Bandwidth Data
Usage Bandwidth Data

Now we get monthly services performed with a screenshot below.

Monthly Brandwidth Usages
Monthly Bandwidth usages services

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For example, your website has 5 web pages, and each web page’s size is 100 KB (kilobytes). Now, 500 visitors visit 5 pages on average every day. Then total bandwidth will be required (500 visitors × 5 webpages × webpage size 100 KB) Total = 250,000 KB (KB) or 244.14 MB (MB).

Here I’ve compared two sites to YouTube on See the below image for a better understanding.

Site Speed Check

In addition, if you keep updating the content on your site every day or provide any service, the number of visitors will definitely increase. So, you have to buy a little more bandwidth than the proportional calculation in the beginning.

Note that if more bandwidth is needed in the future, you will know in advance how much you will have to pay. Moreover, many companies take the price later, realizing the opportunity. Although nowadays, many web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth. In that case, find out the details about their server’s Maximum Bandwidth Capacity and Loading Speed.

Types of hosting bandwidth

There are basically two types of hosting bandwidth.

  1. One limited bandwidth.
  2. And two unlimited bandwidth.

Limited bandwidth is a certain amount of data transfer limit. For example, it can be 1 megabyte or 1000 terabytes. However, it will be specified, and if you use that amount of bandwidth, the site will go down. That means no visitor will actually be on site.

And unlimited hosting has no limit. In other words, no matter how many visitors come to your site, it will not affect your site. However, it is better to know the unlimited bandwidth capacity of the hosting company in advance. In other words, it is important to be sure whether the company really can provide limitless bandwidth.

 How much hosting is important?

How much bandwidth you need to take for your website depends on your site. First of all, what kind of visitors can slow down your site every month? Because each person’s website is different, and each site’s visitors are different. So you have to take bandwidth depending on what type of website you will have, how many visitors may come to that site in the future, and how long they can browse.

Let’s not have a small example. Suppose the site of one of your web pages is 100 kilobytes, then once a visitor visits your site, you will consume 100 kilobytes of bandwidth. Now, if 10,000 visitors visit your website every month and visit that page once, your 100 × 10000 = 1 gigabyte (approximately).

Then the bandwidth will be more or less based on the number of pages you have, and the number of pages visited. Because a visitor actually visits multiple pages on the website. Again, the site of each page is different. So it is important to take the bandwidth as an approximate visitor to your site.

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However, it is best to take unlimited bandwidth. Then you don’t have to stress anymore. No matter how many visitors come, your site’s server will not be down. So when buying hosting, look for a good quality hosting provider with unlimited bandwidth.

 How to recognize a good hosting provider

Before buying hosting, it is important to know how good the hosting provider is. Because the quality of your website depends on the quality of the hosting provider. Suppose you buy hosting from a company whose hosting server is low quality. Then no matter how much hosting space he gives you, there is no benefit for you. If the site is slow, visitors will never come to the site. And less space, but if the site’s speed is more, it is much better for you.

Another thing is that many companies will tell you when they buy hosting that they will increase it when the bandwidth runs out, but when the bandwidth runs out, they refuse to increase it or sit for more money. So it is very important to buy hosting from an excellent hosting company.

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Now your question may come about how to know a good hosting company. There are many hosting review websites where you can check the quality of the hosting company. Buy hosting from the company you like. I will personally support Namecheap. Namecheap Company’s hosting is very good, and its support is also very good. You can take hosting from Namecheap if you want. Because they give good service at a low price. And this company is much better. Namecheap offers 20 GB of hosting space for $20 and comes with unlimited bandwidth. In this package, you can create almost any website. Namecheap reviews will be given to us later on this website. You can read it if you want.


From the overall discussion above, what is hosting bandwidth, and how much hosting bandwidth should you take? Learn more about it. If you like the articles and have any questions or opinions on this subject, please comment below. I Want to Learn more if you are looking for Hosting related posts.

So here’s today’s poster discussion. Hope you understand what bandwidth is. If anyone has difficulty understanding something, you can let us know in the comments. I will try to answer them. So, in the end, I would like to say that before creating the website of your dreams, you must take hosting from a good company. Because the performance of your website depends more on your web hosting. Thanks for reading the post carefully.