10 Top Differences between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Are you planning to have a new hosting? Then you must choose an effective and supportive server. Managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans are good options for you. You can choose any of them depending on your demand.

Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Hosting planning is one of the most vital decisions you need to make carefully. So, you must know their differences before choosing one. To make your decision a bit accessible in today’s post, we will discuss how you can make a difference between them. If you are a beginner, this article will be the best medium for collecting information.

Differences between Both Dedicated Hosting

You need to be sure about the dedicated server you want to have for your hosting, and for this reason, you have to know about those things masterfully and then talk deeply about this entire topic.

Here is the explanation of two types Dedicated  Managed & Unmanaged Hosting

Managed Dedicated Hosting:

Managed (Maintained) hosting plan simply refers to several additional benefits and services. It saves your time and makes it easy to take care of your website. It has an operating system installed with various kinds of software which is used for running websites.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting:

Unmanaged hosting is something like multiple additional services. You will need to install any necessary software on your own. The company doesn’t provide any Services or never carries out any management task of your service. You will need to do everything that you wanted to do.

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So let’s take a look at these 10 Top Differences between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

There are many differences between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Now we will discuss the 10 top differences between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting.

Advantages of Managed Hosting

  • All the necessary software & plugin are pre-installed on this package.
  • Usually, simple tasks need to be done for maintenance.
  • High priority if facing a problem from the providers.

Advantages of Unmanaged Hosting

  • Cheater prices than managed hosting.
  • Freedom uses bandwidth, memory & check usage data.
  • According to your opinion, customize it with any software or plugin.

1. Is Providers Support satisfying?

Managed hosting gives support for operating systems. At the same time, unmanaged hosting does not support it. This is very important to look for technical support for a hosting plan. Web hosting technical support is one of the vital things for Project operability. And remember that the support service you are choosing should be 24/7.

So, managed dedicated hosting will be the best option for you for support service. Unmanaged will not serve the best in this section.

2. Uptime Guarantee

Before purchasing a hosting server, you have to look for its uptime. This is a very important thing when hosting your website. This one should be the first thing to look for because it is that much valuable. The server you are choosing should be rated 99.95%. If the hosting provider can provide this uptime, then you can expect a good performance.

For best uptime managed dedicated hosting will be the right choice. This offers you the best uptime which others never can.

3. Costing Fees Managed & Unmanaged Hosting

For managed hosting, you have to pay $150-250 or even more. It depends on a variety of types. You will never need to pay more than $1-5/mo for a base plan with the managed email.

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While you are thinking you can save money by choosing unmanaged hosting because it is a low cost, then here I would like to tell you something.  You have to pay several types of hidden costs, such as productivity, downtime, breaches, patching, and updates. Those are some of the hidden costs which you should pay for, and nobody will talk about those before purchasing.

4. Backup for Upgrading Hosting Pack

For a good hosting plan, backup is the thing that can play a vital role in upgrading your service. If somehow your website gets hacked, then a backup readily available can solve the problem. Reversing the problems during the upgrade, preventing loss of data, and after new installation to handle compatibility issues, backup works really well.

Managed dedicated hosting backups are better than unmanaged dedicated hosting in many ways. Managed hosting will be the best choice for more backup.

5. Upgrade Hosting Package

Website upgrading after the allotted time is important. And for the best web hosting plan upgrading the server is a must. You should choose the server which allows you to upgrade server.

Managed hosting allows automatic software upgrades that don’t need to update by yourself like unmanaged hosting. This also helps to save your precious time.

6. How to manage the inode count

Inode data structure is used to keep all the information in a file in your hosting account. The number of inodes indicates the total number of files you have in your account. So, the hosting service you want to make sure has an inode.

If we talk about managed and unmanaged hosting, managed hosting service has more inode count options. In contrast, unmanaged hosting doesn’t have as much as an inode count. Here, choosing a managed hosting service will be the best for you.

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7. Server response speed

For better service, the ideal server response speed is lower than 200 milliseconds and 100ms TTFB. This range is absolutely matched with managed dedicated hosting.

But, when the server response speed becomes over 500ms, it will cause an issue for you. You have to be careful about this up and down server response speed limit. Unmanaged dedicated server speed doesn’t follow these ranges.

8. Flexibility in Dedicated Hosting

Flexibility is a significant thing that can make a huge difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. Unmanaged dedicated hosting has more flexibility than managed hosting plans. Managed hosting is less flexible and unmanaged hosting is flexible about plugins.

9. Maintenance of Different Hosting

Managed hosting means you don’t need to worry about anything; everything will be managed automatically, but unmanaged hosting maintenance is tough; you should do every single thing by yourself. So choosing managed hosting will save your time.

10. Have cPanel Access?

For simplifying website and server management, cPanel is used as a controller. This is basically a Linux-based graphical interface.  For publishing websites, managing domains, and creating email accounts, cPanel is hugely used. Unmanaged hosting has cPanel access but managed cPanel access is more effective to use.

Closing Word

We try to highlight everything that you need to know to make a difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting through this discussion. Hopefully, you will be benefited after reading this article. Now you can decide which one will be your perfect pick.

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However, unmanaged hosting also has some benefits. Both of these hosting services are good in their own way; you just need to choose one according to your need.