4 Best MySQL Database Hosting Sites For Free


MySQL database hosting can be a prominent option if you want to run a dynamic website.  It’s an open-source database management system that will offer you an excellent solution for complete data integrity. 

That is to say, a MySQL database hosting site will easily input, recover, and manage information. Plus, the best MySQL database hosting sites for free will promote a better user experience, boost performance, and improve the safety of your site. 

Fortunately, there are many free MySQL database hosting services available. Today in our concise but compelling review, we will list four of the very best MySQL hosts for free.   We’ll have done in-depth research for you and now let us know its result.  

An introduction to MySQL Database

The complete form of SQL is Structured Query Language. MySQL database is an open-source database management system that leverages many dynamic sites. MySQL database management system was first formulated in 1995 by MySQL AB.  

Today, we have the 8th edition of MySQL. If your site is powered by PHP, you have to use MySQL. 

4 Best MySQL Database Hosting Sites For Free: Review 

1. Hostinger

Hostinger SQL

If you are searching for a free and reliable MySQL for web hosting, Hostinger is the first option that comes to our mind to recommend to you.

Every site isn’t a free provider. But, Hostinger is almost free to the worth mentioned above. From 80p on each month, the user will get their way into 1 MySQL database. Besides, one month guarantee of money back.

Indeed, you do not worry about losing anything! After using the Hostinger site, you may go for the premium web hosting offers. It comes with infinite MySQL databases costing only £2.15 each month. Interestingly, the price is less than a sandwich! Hostinger’s performance and services are of superior quality. Their server provides transparent performance.

The feature allows you to observe their exact status anytime. Hostinger is WordPress optimized. The site is an easy way to upgrade according to your need. The only demerits are about free domain availability. Also, the business plan is required to run Hostinger. This free database hosting service helps scale and process operations requests quickly.



  • Only a free domain is available on Business or premium plans.

2. GoogieHost


GoogieHost offers trustworthy reliability on free PHP and MySQL hosting. They provide the user with everything you would expect from any hired web host. You can get these sites for free. They are powered by SSDs, which are comparatively faster than any traditional drive. What’s more, you will obtain an SSL certificate.

GoogieHost is ideal for making the site super SEO-friendly. Now,  the site is a place for 165,655 websites in one location. This hosting optimization is operated by the latest PHP and MySQL extensions with versions. Their servers include Cloud Linux and Cloudflare. In terms of any free service, the feature is unusual.

The site is a hundred percent cloud-oriented hosting service. It provides SSD space of 1000MB.In addition to this,100GB of free bandwidth. Unrelated to other hosts, the user will be able to get access to customer support. For hosting multiple websites, you must need a lot of disk or traffic space. Premium plans can fulfill the requirements. Let’s now look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this hosting plan.  


  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • cPanel.
  • One-click app installer.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free subdomains.


  • Overloaded

3. AwardSpace


Awardspace is offering free MySQL hosting. Here, you will be able to host almost 4 websites. Additionally, the users can add another three subdomains. This hosting site allows utilizing an app that can be installed with one click. So, the CMS up will be ready to run in minutes. Customer support is ideal for free hosting services.

The user gets five GB of bandwidth with your free hosting account from Awardspace. Besides,  a thousand Megabytes of disk space is accompanied by a complete database. They are constantly optimizing their performance and service.

Awardspace is known for its hundred percent cost-free hosting packages. More importantly, you will get some great analytical tools to help you build and improve your website. 

Bandwidth usage can be monitored, so the hosting site won’t go offline. It helps SEO with ensuring enough space to maintain online consistently. In words, AwardSpace can be a good option available out there. 


  • Adless hosting.
  • Analytic tools.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.


  • Limited space.

4. HyperHost


Hyperhost will offer a free hosting package. It comes with high-speed and swift SSD drives. Additionally, they provide free FTP access and MySQL databases. The user will get complete control over the app or website. Unlike other free hosts, the site offers customer support by chat and phone. That is to say, you are going to get plenty of valuable features here. 

As a company provides this free service level, the users always get benefits. Their disk space is 1GB SSD which approves hosting one website. The users who require more space, they can pick up free accounts. They will support almost 20 websites. Additionally, you will get 15GB of completely free disk space.

Hyperhost offers many amazing hosting packages shared on upgraded technology. Apart from this, they come with installed cPanel. It will allow the user to install Joomla, WordPress, or CMS systems. The only downside is that it has servers in Europe and Ukraine.


  • Free cPanel.
  • The disk space is 15GB.
  • Host almost 20 free websites.


  • Servers only in Ukraine and Europe.


By the end of the article, you now know the review of the four best MySQL database hosting sites for free. Choose your required hosting plan while making your website. While doing so, make sure the service meets your website’s budget, features, and development. 

If you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us by commenting below.