Top 6 Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels

Open Source Web Hosting

Before, hosting a website was not an easy matter. To be very frank, it is not more than some days ago, it was complicated work. But for the blessing of technology, at present, hosting and controlling a website is very easy. The main reason why it has been straightforward is nothing but the open-source hosting and control panels.

Today, in this article, we will explicate the top and best 6 open-source web hosting control panels for you. Going through this article, you will find the best control panels to host and control your website and expand your technology-related knowledge and expertise.

First, we give you the list of the 6 top open-source web hosting control panels. They are,

  • CyberPanel
  • Centos Web Panel
  • CloudPanel
  • ISPConfig
  • Virtualmin
  • Aapanel

Cyber Panel – Interesting To Set Up Control Panel

Cyber Panel
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Using the OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed enterprise web servers instead of Apache, this CyberPanel is nothing but very interesting and set up to host and control any website. Its features and unique qualities will ensure your timely action, easiness of using and managing your websites, and so on.

If you are a beginner, this CyberPanel will be an excellent platform for managing your websites. Moreover, the CyperPanel will help you assist commands in a very facilitated way.

Centos Web Panel – Rich Designed Open Source Control Panel

Control Web Panel
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Another easy-to-use panel is the Centos Web Panel. Of course, it is a set of hundreds of applications. This is why this panel will ensure the best services with a few clicks. In this centos web panel system or technology, one of the best web in class can lock the whole filesystem to amplify the cyber security levels. It is the inbuilt firewall of the CentOS web.

However, there is a reason that may discourage you from installing it. If you install it once, you will not be able to uninstall it. This is the very reason when you have to uninstall it, then you must reinstall the whole server.

The Minimum System requirements of this Centos Web Panel are a 32bit server – 512MB RAM, 64bit Server – 1024MB RAM, and HDD – 10 GB. Some of its features are AutoFixer for server configuration, Nginx Reverse Proxy, MySQL/MariaDB + phpMyAdmin, User Monitoring, and what’s not.

CloudPanel – Free Server Control Panel
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One of the top 6 open-source web hosting control panels is the CloudPanel. It is a free server control panel with optimal use of command line Debian Linux servers to manage various web components for system monitoring and other services like MySQL, NGINX, PHP-FPM, and Redis.

Though it is a bit more costly than others, it has some surplus functions to integrate correctly with public cloud services. If you use this panel once, maybe you will say that this is the most fantastic panel you have ever seen.

ISPConfig – Popular Multitask Performing Web Panel

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If you are looking for a server panel that will provide multiple services, then ISPConfig is there. Yes, you are thinking the right thing. This panel, the ISPConfig, can perform various tasks to manage your hosting server. In a nutshell, we can say that this is another reliable panel with the best security features. Besides, different access level environments are admin, client cPanel, and reseller. However, the authority has distributed it under the BSD license.

This alluring open-source panel, the ISPConfig, is available in 22 languages. Some are English, German, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Croatian, and many others.

You should use this ISPConfig if you want to be a host yourself by performing or doing a lot of work.

Virtualmin -Most Trustable Web Panel

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Another trustable web hosting and control panel is Virtualmin. It is trustable because of having flexibility and better productive environments. Again, using this type of web hosting and controlling panel will do no larceny of your information. However, you can straightforwardly use its standard version. But the professional version has some surplus features that will help you do extra information and technology-related work.

The Virtualmin, only this type of open-source web hosting and controlling panel, supports the two-way authentication system. This feature is another consideration for hosting and maintaining your website more innovatively than others.

Its interface is straightforward to look at and operate. Yes, this is one feature that makes this panel quite popular and alluring. In this case, we can easily say that Virtualmin is the best platform for those who want a user-friendly panel system.

Some of its features are User and Reseller Accounts and ACLs, configurable using Account Plans and Server Templates of Access Control List, Bandwidth Monitoring, Alerts, Graphs, Logs, Script Installer, account plans, Plugins, and so on.

Aapanel – User-Friendly Web Hosting Panel

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One of the top 6 open-source web hosting control panels is Aapanel. The primary and unanimous feature of it is one. This is the ease of use. We have to recognize that it is nothing but a user-friendly web hosting and controlling system in this phase. So, it may be the best system or panel they have ever seen or used for the beginner.

This Aapanel panel has the understanding power of a graphical web interface. And while using this kind of web hosting and controlling panel, users can set up a LAMP server. And this action will take just one click. Some features of this panel are Server CPU, Memory, and Load Monitoring tool, Security management, Creatable and manageable Python Projects, Docker management, Creating and managing websites, and so on.

Our Final Verdict

As the world becomes modern, online websites and international technology are rising. So, the number of websites is increasing. That’s why hosting and controlling are vital that we can’t imagine. Today in this content, we have depicted the top 6 Open-Source Web Hosting Control Panels and their features. To get the perfect cPanel, the above ideas would be convenient!