What is localhost, how to install it in computer?


Localhost is a web host server through which you can test your server before stabilizing it. So that you know about problems related to server installation, and you can easily work on the server.

No matter which web page you search for on the Internet or open a website, it is connected to web servers worldwide. Making it easy for you to access it through any web browser. Similarly, a local host is a web server host that only hosts your computer. This means that if you type the localhost host into your web browser, it will take you to your computer’s offline server. It is very important to have Apache or other web server software on your computer to access the web server.

However, Localhost is a type of offline server host that you install on your computer to learn web hosting to learn the basics and advanced things of the webserver.

You have software available on the Internet, such as WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, or XAMPP, to use the Localhost on your computer. Which allows you to easily run Localhost on your computer.

How to install a localhost server on a computer?

To install Localhost on a computer, it is essential to have applications like the WAMP server, LAMP server, MAMP server, or XAMPP server. Because of all these applications, you have software like Apache, MySQL, and server databases to easily access the localhost server on your computer. In addition, you can easily learn WordPress or other PHP web projects.

Selct Wamp language

Click to set your desired language.

WAMP's Agreement

Then I accept the agreement.

Terms of use of WAMP

Then click on next

Select local folder

Select destination location

Processing of WAMP

The app is ready to install. Click to install

WAMP is installing

Processing of installation

internet explorer is needed

If you haven’t activated Internet Explorer, then click on Yes

Notepad is needed

If you haven’t started Notepad, then click on Yes

Finish the WAMP Installation

Finally, Finish the process of WAMP installation.


You can easily download this localhost software for free. Moreover, it is very easy to install. Need to install it like other normal software. Below is the download link. Clicking will get you to the download page.

WAMP Server Application Download

LAMP Server Application Download

MAMP Server Application Download

XAMPP Server Application Download

What is WAMP Server used for?

Look at this WAMP server installation and guidance on making your own server on your computer.

The websites that we visit come from the server. Servers like Apache or NGINX are installed on the server. We can use our computer as a server by installing Apache or NGINX on our computer.

After installing the server, we can view any web page left there. Web sites are created using HTML and CSS. Sites created using only HTML and CSS are called static web pages. It will show what we will put in an HTML file. However, this generation’s websites are rich, so we have to show a lot of data. You have to work with data from the user. Therefore, for this, we need dynamic web pages. Which displays user-friendly information on websites. This requires our programming language. Many programming languages are popular for creating dynamic websites. Java, Python, PHP, ASP, etc. The most commonly used of these is PHP.

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Again, when working with a lot of data, we have to save the data on the server. That’s why we need a database. There are many database management systems. MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and others. So MySQL is becoming popular among them.

Does it need to learn a programming language?

Some of the tools needed for a web server are an HTTP server, a programming language, and a database management system. These can be installed separately. The problem is a little complex to install separately. Those who have just started development may be scared to see anything so complex. We are lucky. For that, we want everything not to be installed together. One such package for Windows is WAMP. This means Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. There is also LAMP for Linux users. There is MAMP for Mac users.

WAMP is straightforward enough to install and use. Go to www.wampserver.com and download. Then install. A folder named WAMP will be created on the drive to be installed. Inside that folder is a folder named www. We can keep our PHP files there and run them.

Let’s create a PHP file inside the www folder. For example, write a PHP script inside hello.php:

<html> <head>  <title>PHP Test</title> </head> <body> <?php echo '<p>Hello World</p>'; ?>  </body></html>

To run PHP files, you must first run a WAMP server. You can run it by going to the Start menu. Then go to the browser and type http:// localhost. It will show the info on our WAMP server. If not, then the WAMP server is not running. You have to check and run. If run correctly, then typing http://localhost/hello.php will show the output of our first PHP script. We can also see our server by typing instead of Localhost.

The name of each website is linked to its server. Which can be accessed with IP or that address. For example, instead of google.com, we will browse Google’s website by browsing Similarly, the default name of the server that we have installed on our computer is Localhost, and the local IP of each computer is

The MySQL that we installed with WAMP above, we can use with any programming. Such as Java programming, Python, or a database during Android app development.

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WAMP comes with great software called PHPMyAdmin. Go to Localhost (http:// localhost) and find the PHPMyAdmin link under Tools. Once there, we will create databases, view the data of any table in the database, and edit everything graphically. Usually, when you install MySQL, you have to do these things on the command line. It’s easy to do something using PHPMyAdmin. Detailed writing about database creation.

What is XAMPP Server used for?

Now, we will learn the last one, which is the XAMPP server. What is XAMPP? Why do we use XAMPP? These are our discussions today. 

XAMPP is a type of offline server. We can use it on our computer as a web server. To install different types of coding such as PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc., we also need to have this XAMPP software installed. In a word, you must use XAMPP for web development.

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When it comes to web development, you have to put the website somewhere; this is called a server. The server may be online or on a local computer. XAMPP Server is software that converts the local computer into a server.

Installing this software installs the rest of the software, including the database for the server. The website can then be tested by placing the website file inside the htdocs folder of the XAMPP Server. XAMPP’s A-Apache server software serves websites, databases, and PHP/Perl programming languages.