9 Features of Amazon Web Hosting Review

Amazon Hosting Review

Web hosting has become an integral part. Every organization and digital platform needs to host its websites. In this case, you will find thousands of companies that provide web hosting services. Among them, Amazon is one. Recently, Amazon web hosting has also become popular.

Therefore, you need to know how it works and what amazon provides. It will surely help you to make your decision.

01. Amazon web services (AWS)

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a platform where you get web services. From there, you will see their hosting service. Amazon has different web hosting packages. If you’re not sure about your choice, Amazon will help you get the perfect one. They offer web hosting for big enterprises, government sites, non-government sites, etc. Also you may use their server for your small business as well.

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In this case, they are coming in different packages. Along the way, you will get to know.

Why do you choose amazon web hosting?

Some legit points might force you to go for amazon web hosting. In this section, we will explore those reasons. Therefore, it might help you decide on your website destination.

02. All-in-one solution

Amazon web service will give you a chance to use any CMS you would like. For example, you might use both WordPress and Joomla. So, you need a platform that supports both of them. It would be an excellent solution. Otherwise, it would help if you searched for a different hosting provider. And, maintaining two other CMS with two different companies is a challenging task.

From this perspective, Amazon is giving you all in one solution. Furthermore, Amazon also supports SDKs. It will not be an issue if you use Java, Ruby, and other platforms. When you enter into the Amazon web service (AWS), you’re just one step ahead of all sorts of web solutions.

03. Datacenter

You might open your website from any corner of the world. But your customer or visitor would be from different regions. In this case, the data center plays a crucial role.

That’s why you need to figure out your consumer’s location. You must create your website targeting a specific zone or area. Therefore, you need a data center near the target audience.

Here comes AWS. Amazon has a data center in every zone. What you need is to select your preferred area. Amazon will do the rest. It will help you reach out to your target audience sooner than before.


04. Flexible service

What does flexible service mean to you? Let’s say you have hosted your website on Amazon. Right now, you have a few thousand visitors regularly. What if you got a hundred thousand visitors in a day?

Usually, they might not handle that traffic when you go for a cheap hosting provider. Your website might get down.

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In this scenario, Amazon will give you the best service. They will easily handle the traffic at their best. Your website won’t be down or slow. If you want, you can upgrade your package as well.

05. Budget

Now comes the most awaited part which is the budget. No worries, Amazon has a flexible and different pricing range. However, their prices start at $3.50. With this, you will get many web services from creating websites to make them the best.

However, you may compare the price with other companies’ costs. You will surely get cheaper options. Then why should you go for amazon web hosting?

Amazon is offering you all the solutions in one place. From creating a website to making it perfect, amazon customer service will always be there.

For more reasons, you may read our first three points to show you some particular facts.

06. AWS Website Solution

Under this section, Amazon has developed four different web hosting services. They are the categories. Let’s get to them.

Simple Website Hosting

Simple website hosting is there for you to start a new tech journey or internet website. Here, you will get hosting for one particular website that can be made with WordPress or an eCommerce application.

Also, this package will enable you to handle low to medium traffic.

When you need to control the entire website and the resources, Simple Web Hosting will be the best possible way. You may consider it as the starting point of your website journey.

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07. Single Page Web app Hosting

Some of us need to host our static apps. Apps might need to get a single load. We call them Single Page web app Hosting.

Most of the time, we look for the best hosting to host our single-page web app. In this case, amazon sorted out the issue by providing a Single Page Web Hosting service.

Simple Static Website Hosting

Let’s say you have a personal static website. To make it, you use HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. Then, what would be your targeting hosting provider?

You’ll indeed look for low-cost hosting. Because we all know Static websites are easy to host. They require little space.

Amazon is there for you as well.

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08. Entreprise Web Hosting

If you have big companies and need to get premium services, Enterprise Web Hosting would be the best fit. It has all the things that you may look for.

For example, Coursera and Lamborghini are using AWS.

They are making Enterprise Web Hosting the best reliable site. Again, Enterprise Web Hosting will ensure the different data center services as well.

You may easily control your multiple websites having different data centers through this service. Amazon has fame for it. Whenever you ask for the best solution for enterprise web hosting, amazon should be your consideration.

09. Verdict

We try to provide you with all the required information about AWS (Amazon Web Service) through this article. We show you how you can enjoy Amazon Web hosting. If you are looking for another review of a domain & hosting site you may visit Namecheap Hosting Provider Review.

They have four different categories. You can choose the right option. However, there are some downsides, including the price and reviews. So keep them in mind.

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Amazon itself is a brand. They are trying to give a better web hosting service. That is the reason behind their price strategy.