Why Cloudways is the Best Cloud Web Hosting Company?

In today’s article, we will do a review of cloudways hosting. I have been using cloud hosting from cloudways for almost every one of my blogs for about 1 year.

And, I am so satisfied that today I would recommend everyone to use hosting from here in the case of the WordPress website.

High-quality cloud hosting, best website security, daily automated backups, etc. I get different types of facilities here. Simply put, this is the best hosting company for your WordPress website.

However, there are many reasons for me to say this, which we will discuss below. Thus, cloudways hosting server costs a bit more than another shared web hosting.

However, if you want to blog professionally, you have to invest. Because we all know that blogging has gained a lot of popularity today as an outstanding and profitable career. And so, it’s a good idea not to start blogging in any way or using a free tool.

So, if you are thinking of starting blogging professionally, invest some money (10 monthly) and buy hosting from cloudways.

With this, you will get a lot of benefits, and you will not have to worry about the blog’s speed, security, backup, hosting, etc., in the future.

So let’s go. Below we don’t know directly why I appreciate cloudways so much.


Below I will talk about cloud hosting based on my own experience. Because today I have been using hosting from this best cloud hosting provider for almost 1 year. So, I will tell you all the things that I like in this article.

The fast and best web hosting company

 What are cloudways?

Cloud Hosting Analysis - Cloudways
Cloudways Hosting Review


Simply put, cloudways is an online platform/service where you can buy hosting from different cloud hosting companies.

This means that you can do everything from buying cloud hosting for your WordPress website to running a hosting account from the cloudways platform.

Cloud servers are fast, secure, and inexpensive, although they cannot be used by ordinary people. Because to manage cloud servers, you need to have different server management skills and coding (Linux, Ubuntu, etc.) knowledge that not everyone has. And this is the reason why most people are still using the old type of shared web hosting, which is very slow and low quality.

 What are the things to keep in mind before buying hosting?

In this case, cloudways help us a lot. Cloudways is the platform that does all the technical management, server management, and coding for you. You can activate/deactivate various options from the cloudways dashboard as per your requirement with just one click.

For example, installing WordPress on your cloud server, installing SSL, domain management, website backup, security settings, website speed optimization, caching, etc.

If you want to do this by buying cloud servers directly from cloud hosting companies like digitalocean, Linode, Google cloud, etc., you have to do these tasks through server management, coding, and technical skills.

However, in the case of cloudways, you can buy a cloud server from digitalocean, Google cloud, amazon web services, Linode, etc. With Cloudways dashboard, you can do all kinds of work with just a few clicks. Without technical knowledge, server management, or coding, you can set up a cloud server for your WordPress website.

And so, cloudways is a platform-as-a-service where you will find fully managed WordPress cloud servers.

In the case of managed WordPress cloud servers, security and speed will be optimized for your website server from the beginning.

 What are the current problems with web hosting?

At present when we use web hosting for our WordPress website. Then they have mostly shared hosting. And when it comes to website speed, reliability, and security.

Then, dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS) are better options than shared web hosting.

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In the case of shared hosting, your website is loaded in very slowly, and the website goes down at any time. Shared web hosting plans are cheaper, but there is no higher security.

However, although many web hosting companies have dedicated servers, they charge a lot of money for the server, and in most cases, managed hosting support is not provided.

And so, you think of buying cloud-based dedicated hosting from dedicated server providers like DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

If you buy hosting directly from these dedicated server providers. You can purchase high-quality and fast cloud servers with much less money.

However, you have to manually set up and optimize the server in this case.

Manually set up a server without any control panel. Must have server management skills and coding of Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

In the case of a website, it is essential to add every function and features manually through coding. Server management can waste a lot of your time. If there is a problem with your server, it also needs to be resolved through coding.

So, just as there are many benefits to using a dedicated cloud hosting server, managing your own server is tricky. If you have knowledge of Linux and server management, then, of course, this task is easy for you.

However, if you do not know how to manage the server, in this case, cloudways will help you. Free from the hassle and hassle of operating a server, you can set up your own dedicated cloud server through cloudways.

 Why is cloudways the best-dedicated cloud hosting service provider?

Cloudways is primarily used by people for managed WordPress cloud hosting servers.

And I, too, have hosted many of my popular WordPress blog sites through this platform. SSL installations, HTTPS redirects, backups, etc. These simple things can be done here with just a few clicks.

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However, in the last 1 year, I have noticed many other things in this best web hosting company. Depending on my usage, I will tell you about some of the critical benefits and features of cloudways below.

  1. Customer control panel

After creating an account in Cloudways, you have a control panel

Cloudways Control Panel
Login Homepage

Cloudways control panel

You can use it to manage your own servers. The control panel will be at the top of the cloudways dashboard. And there, you will find the necessary options for managing your server and applications.

  1. Application manager

Application management

An application manager yoWith an application manager, you can easily add any new application (WordPress) to your cloud server application manager.

You can install multiple WordPress on one server. You can go to your own application (WordPress) and see the settings associated with that application.

WP App
WordPress Application


  •  Bot protection
  •  Cloudways bot protection
  •  In the case of any WordPress website, various bad bots almost attack.

Your enemies or competitors do this to make Google search organic traffic to the website worse and cause the server to crash. However, if you are using cloudways, you can be sure of this.

Go to your application and activate the “Bot protection” option. In this way, no lousy bot will be allowed to enter your website.

In addition, having bot protection active will definitely protect your website from brute force attacks and basically Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

So, if you want to blog professionally, then it is essential to secure your WordPress website from “brute force attack” and “Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.”

How to Secure WordPress Websites?

And, in cloudways, you will get this critical feature absolutely free. Bot protection since I activated it for my website. Since then, my website has not had any destructive bot attacks.

Website backup

Cloudways backup system

Backup and Restore
Backup & Restore

The second most favorite feature is “Backup.”

You can easily set the backup frequency for your application. You can select 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days or when you need to backup. In this way, a copy of your entire website will be placed on the cloudways server. And if your site is hacked or the website is damaged for any other reason in the future. Then, go straight to “application management” and click on the “backup and restore” option to restore the website.

 Restore application backup

This way, you can feel free to blog without any fear. Because if your website has been hacked or there is some other problem. Then you can restore the website at any time by selecting the backup file of your choice.

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 How to backup a WordPress website?

Moreover, in the case of cloudways, we will also be given the facility to take on-demand backup. That means you can back up the website as you wish.

Security Management

Cloudways security management

Strict security measures have been put in place in Cloudways to improve the security of your cloud server.

However, all kinds of security features are set up initially, although you can take some emergency steps yourself.

For example, in the SSH / SFTP option, “block all IP addresses, except those on the allowlist” is selected. Then no one will be able to access your SSH / SFTP account from the IP address outside of the IP address you provided.

This is an essential and vital security feature so that no one can access the vital files of your website without your permission.

 Domain management

Add Domain to cloudways
Domain Management

 Cloudways domain management

In Application management, you will see an option of domain management. You can connect your domain name to the webserver with this domain management. Simply save your domain name in the place of “primary domain” and click on save changes below. In this way, the domain name you provided will be linked to your WordPress site and server.

However, as long as you are not connecting to your domain, a temporary URL will be provided by cloudways.

  • You can also access your website through a temporary URL.
  • Speed / caching
  • Server-level caching in cloudways
  • In every server of Cloudways, we are given the feature of server-level caching.

In addition, the Varnish Cache system has been given, which is a web application accelerator that is also known by many for HTTP reverse proxy caching.

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As a result of this varnish system, our website hosted on the cloudways server loads faster. Simply put, its role is crucial in the case of speed optimization of the website. So, the speed of every WordPress website hosted here will be well optimized from the beginning.

Fast loading WordPress website

In addition, the caching system has its own official WordPress caching plugin that Cloudways uses. Website caching systems can be better, faster, and improved.

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Also, here you can buy dedicated cloud servers from many popular cloud hosting providers. And as we all know, dedicated cloud servers have a lot faster and higher quality performance than any regular shared hosting. So, if you buy a hosting server from cloudways, the loading speed of your WordPress website will be much faster.

 Hosting Quality

Cloudways server support

From Cloudways, you can buy many high-quality and optimized cloud servers to host your own WordPress website.

Because cloudways does not have its own web hosting server. Currently, cloudways will give you hosting servers from the most popular cloud server providers. Cloudways simply does the job of server management for you. If you want to know about Cloudflare, read out this one What is Cloudflare, and why should I use it?


  1. Digitalocean
  2. Google cloud
  3. Amazon web services
  4. Libode
  5. Vultr

You can buy the cloud server of each of these companies through cloudways. And at present, each of these companies has gained a lot of popularity in cloud hosting servers. Moreover, there are many well-known cloud server companies whose servers are high-speed and of high quality. So, you don’t need to think about the quality of hosting.

 Customer support

 Cloudways customer support

Speaking of customer support, you can directly contact customer care through live chat. I have enlisted the help of the customer support team many times. And honestly, they try their best to solve any kind of problem.

You can contact the customer support team through live chat for various technical errors or problems. And, the support team will help you a lot better. As far as I know, the cloudways customer team cannot be contacted via mobile number or phone. However, I get full help through live chat.

  • Hosting Price
  • Digital ocean hosting charges
  • Digital ocean hosting charges
  • Cloudways have different cloud hosting providers, and prices are different.
  • Also, how much RAM, CPU, STORAGE, etc. you want to add to your server,
  • The price of hosting also depends on that.

However, despite providing such a good server management service, server optimization, and security features,

  • You can buy digitalocean’s cloud server for only $ 10.
  • You can get Digitalocean’s 10 plan,
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 Core processor
  • 25 GB storage
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • You can increase or decrease the server resources as per your requirement.

However, Google cloud and amazon web services (AWS) servers cost much more than digitalocean. To know more about Cloudways server pricing, go to cloudways pricing.”

 Why is Cloudways my favorite web hosting company?

Above I have mentioned almost every reason I use cloudways for most of my websites. Cloud hosting servers are much more modern and fast than the old shared hosting. My entire server is being easily managed through Cloudways.

I can use popular cloud servers without any coding and server management skills. Advanced caching and varnish systems make my website load faster. “Bot protection” due to lousy bot, brute force attack, and DDoS attack, my site is entirely secure.

If there is any technical or other problem, we get a quick solution by contacting customer support through live chat.

As a result of automatic website backup, a complete backup of my website is being taken. In case of danger, backups of the website can be restored.

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As professional bloggers, we should only focus on creating good content. And so, Cloudways looks at everything else related to your website. In this way, you can feel free to just take the time to create good content.

  •  The best fast and professional WordPress themes
  •  Buy a cloud server from cloudways for free now – ($15 free balance)
  •  It is definitely possible if you want to buy a cloud hosting server from cloudways for free.

If you create a cloudways account through the referral link I gave, you will get 15 free in your account. And using this money, you can set up a cloud server for $ 15 and use the hosting for 1 month for free.

 Our last word

My purpose in writing this article today is to know about the right hosting company. Because at present, there is a lot of competition in blogging. And so, if you are not using sound, fast, and quality hosting.

Official Cloudways Website Link: Cloudways