7 Best Free Hosting Platforms for Static Websites

A static website is apparent in obedience that old things come back and spill the tea. Hosting a low-budget website for free is a dream for the majority. Many of you ask, “where can I host a static website for free?

A static website is a kind of HTML file representing a website’s physical page. Both small and large service providers are now utilizing the benefits of static websites. Nowadays, many services come to you for hosting a static website for free. Let’s know some of the best platforms where hosting websites are free and safe. You may use localhost on your computer for testing purposes. 

7 Best Hosting Platforms to Post/ Host Your Static Website Free

We discuss the seven best hosting platforms where you won’t feel any cyber problems and Google Scams. These are,

  1.   Netlify
  2.   Vercel
  3.   Firebase
  4.   Fast.io
  5.   Render 
  6.   GitLab.Com
  7.   Freehostia

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01. Netlify- Best Option For Reverser Web-Publisher

Netlify Free Hosting

Netlify is a potential website with an essential collection of features for hosting static websites. You can host your website on this site with single-page apps. You will also get advanced commercial web projects.

With the help of Netlify, you can print web projects from git repositories. You won’t face any setups and server maintenance complexities in that case. These sites also offer you to preview the entire area. Thus, you can reverse your website before publishing it. If you want to hit any open source project, Netflix will guide you by assuring you a premium-free plan to host it.

Netlify is the best option for reverse web publishers. You can bypass GitHub, FTP, or other client-side dependencies by uploading files directly to Netlify’s servers and linking from your site. Instead, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an HTML5 upload form and Netlify CMS for managing content. Plus, you’ll get a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt!

Use Netlify to save time and headaches by uploading directly from your site to their servers.

02. Vercel- Discover A New Experimental site With This One

Vercel Free Hosting

Vercel is the second rich stage that can serve you an excellent hosting service. It permits engineers to make, pre-study, and convey their locales and serverless capacities. Across the board stage, it gives you the benefits of JAM STACK and Static Website arrangement.

Further, it will add a benefit permitting you to work on any web system. You will get versatile and direct executions from them.

Free, unlimited hosting of static and dynamic websites and apps.

Vercel offers an entirely free hosting service for any website or app that does not require a database. This includes both static and dynamic websites for which we provide PHP scripts (we do not offer databases). We fully support PHP 5.3+, so if your script requires some newer features, it should work on our server seamlessly.

As with all services, certain restrictions apply: we have a file size limit of 25MB for the entire directory uploads, which includes HTML and images; all directories are allowed only one level deep; uploads must be only text files (.txt), binary files (.zip), or archives compressed in tar.

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03. Firebase- Best Way For Hosting Production Base Static Site

Google Cloud Hosting

Firebase is an ideal alternative for your creative website. It is a versatile web application designer. Firebase works with solid help and oversight of Google. You’ll get huge loads of appliances that can revive your site to rank rapidly.

Firebase is prepared to serve you with modified area hostings. It has SSL (Stands For secure attachment layers), a Site protocol for Web browsers. SSL and domain hostings make this a cheap plan for you. Moreover, it has also paid service for you.

If you want to get started on your website without spending money, Firebase can help. Firebase is a service that offers free hosting for websites and mobile applications with sub-par performance requirements. You don’t need any technical expertise or complicated setup – just sign up, choose your application type, edit the source code to set up your app/website, and launch it!

Firebase Hosting is an open-source platform that has the ability to host any type of web app. It’s free! Firebase Hosting also allows apps to be updated, sent push notifications, and user management. The easiest way to get your website up and running with Firebase is by following the guide on their official website.

Firebase is a free platform that makes it easy for developers to create web apps. Free hosting with no limits on storage or bandwidth means that startups can focus on building the product instead of worrying about infrastructure costs.

With so many businesses struggling with making ends meet these days and Internet marketing becoming more critical than ever before, it’s not difficult to see why so many individuals are looking for ways in which they might be able to save some cash on the web.

04. Fast.io- Best For Hosting Your Websites Using Google Cloud

Free Hosting + Transfer files

Though Fast.io is an ancient web hosting site, you can’t deny it at all. It is a simple but powerful CDN hosting platform that bears everything you need. You can host, deploy, scale, and publish your static websites.

It’s not a secret that free hosting isn’t always the best. It usually comes with a lot of other free stuff, like ads, and the site might be slow or unreliable. But at Fast.io, we host our customers’ websites on high-availability servers with multiple redundant connections to power grids in order to ensure that your website is up and running all the time, every day — regardless of interruptions in the power supply 🙂

We also don’t limit you on bandwidth or storage space! You’ll have as much as you need! All this means that if you’re looking for fast and reliable hosting without breaking the bank – Fast.

Fast.io platform will support cloud storage such as Google Drive Dropbox. Its storages help you deal with better things. It has a simple HTML file distributor network. The most exciting thing is that this website supports files up to 2 GB and 100 GB per month for free.

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05. Render- The Easiest Cloud For All Your Containers

Next, we will talk about Render. This hosting plan is an outsider stage that gives you automated and consistent sending. It is favorable to dynamic store refutation for zero personal time occasions. You can add limitless information bases, associates, and groups free of charge.

Best for static website

Render Free Hosting is a free hosting provider that offers the cheapest and best service in the market. This article will explore all of Render’s features and why they are better than any other host. Below are some of their features.

  • Free unlimited storage space (No restriction)
  • Unlimited Transfer speeds
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No data usage cap (With no restrictions on how much you can transfer)
  • Server uptime: Sixty-seven percent (67%) plus 100% guaranteed
  • 99.99& Uptime

It can be the slaughter of two birds with a single stone for you. The administration frameworks of Render will give you too many benefits. It offers site reviewing, pull mentioning site visits to test changes, and re-check before distributing.

06. GitLab- Custom Your Website With A Hosted Respiratory

Gitlab Hosting

GitLab is an excellent option for its client to host a static site simply from the GitLab.com popup. It allows you to design them to alter your site with limitless private storehouses. The important thing is it is entirely free of charge. Not in any manner.

If you’re looking for a free host that won’t limit your users, then GitLab is perfect. GitLab is an open-source web application that lets you host your code and collaborate with friends or coworkers on the same project. You can install it on your own Linux server, and there’s also a free publically hosted version of GitLab. This post goes over how to use both versions and how they differ from other options like Github, Bitbucket, and Beanstalk.

To construct the best positioning site, you need to look for the help of some guide. This site will permit its client to pick a superb CL framework free of charge. With the assistance of a CL framework, anybody can fabricate an excellent static site generator.

07. Freehostia- Enjoy Secure Website Services

Free Hosting Plan

Freehostia is our final recommendation. in fact, of free website hosting. It is an extensively used web hosting platform with many good features. These sites ensure the following services –

  •         installing features, 
  •         good disk spacing storage,
  •         unlimited bandwidth,
  •         user-friendly cPanel, 
  •         Built-in scripts installer,
  •         load-balancing cluster technology, 
  •         advanced security, and many more.

The hosting services of this site are very secure as it has super speedy and safe servers.

Freehostia Free Hosting is a web hosting provider that offers services at no cost. These services include all of the common features like webpage design, email, and website security. This can help you start your site without any budget limitations and without the need to sacrifice quality in order to save some money. As a global company, they also offer localized support in various languages. Hence, no matter what region your site or client is located in, you have the necessary resources available when you need them.

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Benefits Of Using Static Websites 

Static websites are a blessing for users like us looking for budget-friendly hosting planners. A static website has the following benefits and these are-

  •         It exhibits blazing fast and furious performance with HTML outputs.
  •         A static website offers you much more security than a dynamic one.
  •         You are safe about publishing campaigns, online shopping, and any data loss.
  •         The application and replying to a static website are more stable here.
  •         This server can handle more traffic than others.
  •         A static website is more affordable for hosting.


Static websites have no bounds nowadays. It sounds more suitable than other websites. When online threats are the most significant concern globally, a static website is a game-changer to win this challenge. Static websites are back to back, more robust and secure than ever to rule the web again.

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So, I can host my static website for free now as clear as the 9 to steal one thunder. If affirmative, then comment below which website you’re going to choose for an intelligent business.