7 Things That You Should Avoid in WordPress Site

If the question is, what content management system (CMS) are you using for your website? Then I would say “WordPress” to most of you. Honestly, I think the features of WordPress are so friendly that it is possible to run your own website without any coding knowledge. The funny thing is that 19 percent of the web world websites run with WordPress, not only me but you.

Basically, the WordPress plugin architecture is the most interesting to me. Because many plugins for different sites do not seem to take the developer’s help. This is selling out the extra cost of A little development of my site.

However, due to the flexibility of WordPress, we often damage the site. I will not blame WordPress for this. On the contrary, when we use its features, we do not observe certain things, resulting in our site being hacked and even poor performance. Therefore, financial loss!

So in today’s article, I will discuss 7 things that we do not follow when running our WordPress site. So let the reader know if there are 7 things we should never do-

1. Do not use the login username as ‘Admin’:

This is by default in WordPress. And if you haven’t changed it yet, change it today. Because a hacker tries to log in to your site first. If you leave it by default, you have done half the benefit, and if the hacker sees that you have left ‘Admin’ as the username, he has given a good idea about the security vulnerabilities of your site. Wow! Doing an extreme favor.

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So use a different username to log in as an admin. The hacker made the task a little difficult for the hacker. Everything will be so easy to get.

2. Don’t use more plugins:

OMG! This can be done with this plugin. It can be done with that plugin. Everything will be on my site. With this in mind, if you start installing as many plugins as there are in the world, it will be a matter of time to say my boy for the site.

There are many difficulties in using arbitrary plugins, such as bug problems, incompatibility of the plugin with the new version of the WordPress site, security issues, and poor website performance.

So for your website, if you don’t like it, use such a large number of plugins. And be sure to check the plugin reviews before installing.

3. Don’t use staggering servers:

Staggering servers are a type of test server that we basically call replicas of live servers. Suppose you want to install a working plugin. Now it looks at the output from the staging server. However, if it is a reputable plugin, you will not have to worry about replicas. And the use of Test Server applies not only to plugins but also to the theme, layout, etc., of your WordPress site.

Experimenting on the site without using a test server can cause a lot of damage to the site. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

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So to solve such unwanted problems, you should get a duplicate copy of the live server from your developer.

4. Don’t make site security poor. Make it strong:

If you run your business with the help of a website, you should be very careful about site security. You will be surprised to know that a hacker has been trying to hack your website for 30 days. So God forbid, I woke up in the morning and saw that your website has already become someone else’s!

So use a well-known managed hosting service or plugin to strengthen the security of your WordPress site. I recommend using the JetPack Security plugin for your site security. Well done, now you are safe with the site that has survived several attempts by hackers.

5. Don’t feel that your site’s backup is working:

So that you do not have this deep belief in your mind that the company you have given the responsibility of backing up your site has all the backups. They may not keep a backup of all the files. If an important file is lost, then it will be very difficult for you to recover it. So check this matter well from time to time.

6. Not being careful about the performance of the website:

The loading speed of the website is a big factor. It affects the Google rankings of the site, but it also plays a big role in retaining visitors. And now, most of the visitors visit the site with mobile devices. Now, if your site’s loading speed is slow, visitors will bounce more. As a result, you will lose targeted visitors. So it is important to check the loading speed of your website. Now you can tell how I understand my site is loading slowly! It usually takes 10 seconds or more to load the home page of your site, but you need to take measures to reduce the loading speed of the site. Try to maintain the loading speed within 5 seconds. You can use the Web Page Test tool to check the site’s speed.

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Again, your homepage may be super-fast, but it takes time to load the post because of the images in the posts. That’s why you can use the cache plugin. For example, W3 Total Cache and Lightspeed Cache are among them. However, I use the Lightspeed Cache plugin for my site. You can also try it if you want.

7.    Are you don’t do regular audits for the site:

After complying with all of the above, you may think your WordPress site is progressing well, but it may be different. So try to audit the site’s overall content at least once every 6 months if you can’t do it regularly or not. Here are some of the ones you’ll find:

  • Whether the loading speed of the site is OK.
  • Whether strong security is being maintained. 
  • Whether the site is backed up properly.

Checking if there is duplicate content or checking if there are issues causing problems in content optimization.

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 In conclusion

The factors I have discussed above have not yet been addressed, but there is no guarantee that you will not do so in the future. So start protecting your WordPress site with the above issues in mind from now on to avoid unwanted problems in the future.

I’m finishing here today. Let us know in the comments how the article went or if you want to know more, you can comment.