8 Ultimate Guides to Launch A WordPress Website

Wordpress site guide

This article shows you the Ultimate Guides to Launch A WordPress Website. Completely follow up and let’s have fun starting your new WordPress site.

Nowadays, a website is necessary for everyone. A website is needed to start something online. So, to design a website, we have to learn to code. But it is tough to learn to code. HTML, JavaScript, CSS and many more are included in website designing. It takes a long time to learn to code perfectly. But there is also a straightforward and easiest way to design a website. It is to use WordPress for designing your website.

WordPress is a website builder by which we can easily create a beautiful website by just drag and drop. You don’t need to learn even a single part of coding to build a website using WordPress. Anyone who doesn’t even know how to design a simple webpage can also easily design a beautiful website using WordPress. So, get ready to be provided with quality-full services.

To start building a website, you will surely need two things. These are domain and hosting.

01. Search Short Domain name for website:

A domain is a thing that is the web address of your website. Facebook is a website, and its domain name is wordpress.com. Here .com is an extension. There is a huge collection of extensions on the web. You can select anyone from these extensions. If you buy a domain with .xyz extension, your site address will look like (yoursitename.xyz). You can buy domains easily from renowned websites at a low cost. Nowadays, the .com domain is mostly used. And most important, make your domain name simple. example: don’t take www.widgettechnology.com instant of www.widgettech.com

02. Buy Web Hosting Plan from Trusted Site:

Web Hosting is the space where your site’s files will be stored. 10GB of web hosting is enough to design a small website. If you purchase a domain and hosting from two different sites, you may face some difficulties connecting the domain and hosting. But if you buy a domain and hosting from the same website, the domain and hosting will be automatically connected.

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Now, come to the point about discussing the topic. To start building a website using WordPress, you will need to install WordPress on your site. To install it, you have to go to your cPanel (Customer Panel) first. There you will need a password and username, which will be provided by your domain provider. After logging into the cPanel, you will find an option called softaculous apps installer. You have to click on that and then select WordPress there. After a few seconds, WordPress will be installed on your site. You have to set a username and password for your admin panel. To access the wp-admin panel, you have to add wp-admin at the end of your site, Such as: (yoursite.com/wp-admin). Then you have to log in to the panel with your username and password. You can control your website fully by logging in to the wp-admin panel.

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03. Choose a simple Designed Theme:

After installing WordPress on your site, its design will be set as the default. So, 1st you need to select a perfect theme for your website. There are a lot of free and paid themes in your dashboard. You will have to choose a theme matching the category of your website. Then, you have to install the theme. You can upload your own custom theme also. You can also install the starter templates on your website. The professional web designers and developers design the starter templates. But I recommend you design your website 100% manually. Manually designing a website will help you make a unique design that will be different and better from others. And remember that your theme should be natural as a simple design.

04. Use Plugin up to 10 not more than:

After themes, the essential thing is plugins. Plugins are used to add any extra service to your website. Such as: If you want to add a payment option to your website, you will have to install the best Plugin related to payment methods. Then, if you’re going to add a gallery on your website, you will have to install plugins named gallery and like wpfeatherlight. So, plugins are essential to design a website according to your needs. You will need plugins to make your website secure for the users. There are also plugins for customizing your site for mobile, tablet and desktop views. Sometimes we have installed a lot of plugins. In that case, you might be slow loading for installing more plugins. We only need to use the essential Plugin.

05. Include Pages and Posts in site:

There are four pages on your website by default after installing WordPress on your site. These are Home, Post, About us, and Contact us. There will be a menu bar and search bar in one corner of your website. Your latest posts will be available on the home page, and all the posts will be available on the posting page. You can add pages to your websites quickly and can customize the pages.

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06. Page Builder – in site:

To design a page perfectly, you will need a perfect page builder. There are many things that we can add to our website very easily using these page builders, such as location, button, hyperlink, motion effects and many more. We can design our website more efficiently by using page builders. Elementor is the best page builder for designing any totally free website.

07. Benefits of designing websites using WordPress:

  1. WordPress is providing you with a lot of free themes, templates, scenes and many more.
  2. You can design your website in both offline and online systems. If you design your website offline, you have to transfer the website to an online server. It is called a live server when your website is available on the internet, and if you are designing a website offline, it is called a local server.
  3. You don’t have to learn website designing to build sites with WordPress.
  4. You can design your website totally free using WordPress.
  5. You can design any type of website using WordPress.
  6. If you design websites using WordPress, you can easily transfer your website from one to another.

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08. Final words about launching a site:

WordPress is now trending worldwide. Most of the websites are designed with WordPress. I also recommend using WordPress. WordPress hosting is very cheap and available everywhere. It will help you design a perfect website for you. So, get started today by installing WordPress on your site. If you have any kind of problem, then there are a lot of solutions for you on the internet.